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Hanna Lay

Age 18

Representing North Carolina USA

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About Me

Hi guys and girls, Im Hanna Lay. Im a southern girl and proud of it. Give me barbeque, cornbread, and all those other things that are bad for you! Arent things that are bad for you the best? Not fair. Anyway, watch my interview to learn more about me. Im actually a pretty quiet person, but I do like to get all sexy in front of a camera!

Our Thoughts

Hanna Lay came to us with her good friend Maryjane Johnson. They are pretty good friends in real life and their chemistry was just awesome. Hanna has a super cute face and nice full breasts. There is something endearing about her that just makes you want to huddle up with a blanket. She likes her big sex toys and we are only happy to let her play with them for our cameras!

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